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What will it cost Servant Church to be inviting, becoming and demonstrating in 2017?

Inviting  -  "Up and Out"  -  $96,648  -  Includes:  Ross' pay, 50% of Trina's pay, 20% of Eric's pay, all welcoming communications, food and coffee, Asbury Hall events, church maintenance, utilities, and insurance

Becoming  -  "Up and In"  -  $151,944  -  Includes:  Valerie's pay, 60% of Eric's pay, Richard's pay, Kristen's pay, morning music, life groups, child care, family and children's ministry, supplements to parent's night out/ family retreats/etc.

Demonstrating  -  "In and Out"  -  $70,240  -  Includes:  Abby's pay, 20% of Eric's pay, global ministry support, benevolence to those in need, support for JFON, FreeStore Austin, community meals, and local schools

Total Operating Budget for 2017 is $318,832
Anticipated Estimated Gifts for 2017 is $180,000

For 2017, we anticipate receiving about $180,000 in estimated gifts. Each of us has been given gifts by God to share with the body. We need the unique part each person brings, and we're grateful to God!

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I plan to give... is a convenient way to support the mission of Servant Church. You can help us reduce the cost of bank fees (about $2,500 in 2016) by giving via electronic funds directly from your checking or savings account instead of using a debit or credit card.

Thank you for your estimated gift of $ {{answer_35804458}} per {{answer_35804455}} {{answer_35804456}}.  In order to align our giving with our aspirations for Servant Church, could you please respond to the following three prompts.

1. I am thankful for Servant Church when we...

2. I aspire for Servant Church to...

3.  I aspire to serve our Church by...

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Thank you for your commitment to partner with Servant Church so that we can be all God calls us to be. This estimate of giving may be revised or cancelled at any time upon request.

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